As I said before, I am a huge Pinterest hoarder.  Keeps me company in my long commute to the office in the metro.From time to time I laugh at the Pinterest failures. I even had one or two of my own Pinterest failures. But my kitchen is not one of them.

When we first got our current house, the first thing I wanted to do is change my kitchen. It’s a good sized outdated kitchen with a weird shaped island, which was not working for me.

I needed bigger counter space(who doesn’t?).  And the lack space between the refrigerator and the counter made it harder and inconvenient.

I also did not like the peninsula, I wanted an open concept kitchen.

So when we were finally ready for the remodel, We contemplated hiring an interior designer for the kitchen, but the cost of that plus the remodel itself would be too much burden on the pocket, so I decided to go back to my trusty Pinterest for help.

I must tell you, it’s a fantasy land out there with all sorts of beautiful kitchens. I especially love looking at the before and afters. Such wonderful transformations. It helped me a lot in designing our beautiful kitchen.

It was a long journey, we were promised it will be done in 4 weeks, it took 4 months. It was a long 4 months especially for some one who cooks every day. But thanks to my parents we were able to survive it, and in the end its all worth it.

This picture was taken before they installed the cabinet doors for the island.  I will upload a current picture as soon as I clean up the mess.

More pictures in the Gallery.

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