Welcome to our Blog.

This is Keerthi & Sagnik and this is our little blog to record our cooking adventures, and Lil one’s funny little antics and so much more.

This is for all those time when our son surprises us with some funny comeback, and we think about writing it down somewhere so that we can read it again and relive those memories.

This is for all those recipes, we try on a whim that turned out so well, but can’t remember where we got it from, or what we added to recreate them again.

This is for all those nostalgic food  I grew up eating, and can never remember the recipe and have to call my mom again and again.

This is for all those house projects that we need to do around the house and when one of them gets done, we can proudly show it to friends and family.

This is for all those hobbies, we never get around to spend as much time on. Hoping the attempt to share them will motivate us.

This is our dear dairy where we record, reflect, share & cherish our memories.